Tips for kitchen storage

If your kitchen is like ours, there are lots of cooking tools, appliances, and things to find a home for until they are needed to make your culinary masterpieces. Finding a place for all of these kitchen gadgets can leave your drawers and cabinets a jumbled mess. It can feel like a daunting task to find a spatula. We’ve found some clever solutions to kitchen clutter. Some of them happen in the design process, while others will only require a trip to the store.

Your kitchen is likely the center of your home. The kids work on homework at the table while you cook dinner, the mail gets thrown on the counters, friends hang out, and where backpacks, purses, and work bags find a landing zone on every flat surface. There are ways to organize your kitchen to ensure it remains the productive room it needs to be.

1. Your drawer organizers aren’t just for silverware

Drawer organizers can be used as a host of storage solutions for your kitchen. They can be used for kitchen gadgets of all shapes and sizes. If you get really creative, you can use them for spices, pot holders, even small dishes.

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2. The Cabinet Trash Can

While the trash can is a necessity for any kitchen, it can be unsightly. Your guest don’t want to see, or smell your trash can. Through some design options, one of your cabinets can easily become a storage solution for your trash can.

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3. Corner Cabinets

The corners of your kitchen contains underutilized storage space. Consider adding a lazy Susan, or even corner drawers to your kitchen design. Custom drawer organizers can offer numerous solutions for your kitchen gadgets.

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4. Create a designated workspace

Wether you acquire a vintage secretary from your favorite flea market, or have a work space incorporated into your custom kitchen design, a workstation becomes a place to organize and pay bills, read through homework, and check your daily calendars. Creating a designated space for your projects helps keep your kitchen clean and organized.

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5. The Island

Adding an island to any kitchen multiplies your storage solutions. You instantly have extra counter space for food preparation. Your island can be designed to match, or compliment your cabinetry, or it can be a roll away island that you pull out when it’s needed. Either way, don’t underestimate the storage solutions of the kitchen island.

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6. Pull Out Shelves

Deep set cabinets make stock pot lids, kitchen towels, cutting boards, even small appliances pull a disappearing act. Even worse, you often times have to pull everything out to get to the item in the back. Unnecessary. With the addition of pull out shelves, everything in your cabinets become easily assessable. Custom designed pull-out shelves ensure that the hardware holds up to your daily use.


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7. Shelves

Your dishes don’t have to go behind closed doors. One of the newest kitchen trends is the incorporation of open shelving as a storage solution for kitchens.

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Check out our Pinterests board for some DIY storage solutions, and to see some examples of workstations.