What are the quintessential kitchen trends for 2016? That’s the question we’ve been asking. After culling thorough hundreds of redesigned kitchens on Pinterest, retro ‘80s, muted color schemes and texture, texture, and more texture are leading the pack.

1. Soft, muted color palettes. If you’re thinking about switching up your color scheme, kitchen colors are changing. White motifs are still dominating, everything from cabinets to backsplashes are now done in less saturated tones. Think charcoal, grays and even neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green gray and tinted whites. They are the new alternatives to the standard white. We also see lots of renovated kitchens sporting lighter wood tones, including walnuts, whitewashed woods and white oak in rift grain. Bold primary colors are being placed on the back burner.  Muted blues and greens and pale yellow pastel are being used as accent colors.

2. Smart Spaces. We see lots of kitchens incorporating hi-tech spaces, that is, spots for smart devices. Areas with hidden charging stations that store devices like phones and tablets are on the rise. Smart appliances that accommodate on the go are growing in popularity this year. Steam ovens to built-in coffee machines and wine coolers are a few examples of the new appliances we’re seeing incorporated into new kitchen designs.

3. Retro ‘80s. Mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and high-gloss services are making a huge comeback. They are much more elegant and sleek this time around, with their modern touch.

4. Metal Range Hoods. Like last year’s copper, brass and bronze craze, metal is back. 2015’s focus was more on accessorizing with metals, like faucets, pendant lights and cabinet pulls, this year a more dominant piece is seen in kitchens. Hoods. Wood mantle hoods are quickly being replaced with metal hoods, or ones that are a combination of wood and metal. If you’re embracing the muted tones for your cabinetry, the metal hood could add a burst of contrast to your design.

5. Integrated kitchen-living spaces.  Our kitchen is the center of our home. With 5 kids running in and out, the kitchen table is always full of homework and projects, and is the center of our home. I’m happy to see the blend of the primary living space with the kitchen in new designs.

6. Texture-on-texture contrast. Traditional methods of contrast in design are being replaced by texture…lots of texture! It’s more about using the same texture in different patterns through out the space than mixing and matching different textures. For example, the same stone can be finished many different ways and used in the same design. Attention to detail makes a statement in a subtle way.

7. Midcentury mod get a nod: Maybe we have Mad Men to thank, or maybe the adage that what goes around comes around gets the credit, either way, Midcentury modern has been on the rise for a few years, and it is finding it’s way into the kitchen this year. The Nordic style, a nod to the ‘60s, with its simple and functional design is also making a splash on the kitchen design scene. You can get in on this minimalist movement by using white color palettes, designing with light wood textures, and getting rid of the clutter.

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